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We regularly appear in the First page and top One to Ten listings in Google and Yahoo for example: holistic health local london or therapy counselling north west london or fitness sport south east london or organic vegetarian central london or alternative health holidays or complementary health courses workshops

We are the most poular Independant London Health & Fitness website & we are also linked to 3 other major London community sites.

Also our website is extensively and permanently advertised by Londonwide flyer distribution, Press editorial and through the “London Listings” magazine Guide to connect you up with the general public and therefore potential customers

The above are displayed in many venues Londonwide ie Health food stores & holistic health clinics, bookshops, theatres, cinemas, Art Centres and cafes, Adult Education Institutes, Libraries, Sports & Leisure centres ( in 19 London Boroughs).

We also have Links with many London Hospitals, Local Health Authorities, The Exercise Association (Sports Council) & place regular display promotion in "TimeOut" & the "Evening Standard"

If you would like to have your London-area Health or Fitness service listed in the Healon Directory, please complete the form below.

ADVERTISEMENT SUBMISSION Form - please read carefully. Fees for Independant Practitioners (We have a sliding scale for shops & businesses - please enquire) .

First enter your name, company (if appropriate), address or London area of your business activity & Email address, then select the preferred London area and category in which you would like your listing placed from the drop-down boxes.

Then provide the text for your listing ( UP TO a total number of 80 words - which includes the above - for the minimum fee of £45 for 1 years entry -- please note each phone number = 2 words, emails & web addresses = 3 words each . Up to each additional 10 words is £ 5, ie a listing of 81 to 90 words = £ 50; and 91 to 100 words = £ 55, and so on) . Then indicate the number and areas or categories where you would like any duplicate adverts placed and finally your calculation Fee.

For up to 4 duplicate area &/or category preferences costs £10 extra, for up to 12 duplicate area &/or category preferences costs £20 extra. Your Own Logo can be scanned for £10.This may be sent in a separate email attachment to info@healon.co.uk (or you can post it if necessary ). Our banner design for you costs an extra £25 ( please enquire )

Upon receipt of your form submission, we will confirm & ammend as necessary & advise on methods of payment if you wish to proceed.


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  • Please do not click the 'Submit' button more than once.

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(NB: all practitioners & therapists please include your professional qualifications in your advertisement if appropriate) .

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